Friday, July 6, 2012

California Baby!

Rhodri and I had an awesome time visiting his Grandma and Grandpa and hanging out with Auntie Kirstie and all his cousins, minus Gratton. We did just about everything we could have in the 2 weeks we were there. First we went to a Giant's baseball game at the LA Angel's stadium, then we went to the San Diego Zoo, then the Beach, and then the Wild Animal park. He went in a pool for the first time, but the water was too cold, so he wasn't really a fan of that. Rhodri also sat through his first movie in the theater and did a great job. He actually likes to watch movies, and was fascinated by all the noises and colors. I wish I had more pictures to show, but I forgot to bring my camera, so I'll have to wait for my mom and Kirstie to upload their pictures so I can snag them.

Rhodri after his swimming pool adventure