Saturday, November 17, 2012

You make me wanna "La La"

I had the opportunity to sing in church this last Sunday, and while it was scary because it has been so long for me, I managed to make it through relatively unscathed. Ha ha. Actually, the other night was our ward talent show and Chili cook off, and I had several people ask if I would sing, and then was harassed when I told them I hadn't planned on it. But afterwards we went out to get frozen yogurt and ran into a friend in the ward who had missed my performance on Sunday, but whose daughter was there and retold a funny story of how someone sitting close to their family said "Nice pipes!" during my song. It made me laugh.

Now, I am dealing with the request to sing for various things, and I don't mind. It feels great to work at singing again. And Rhodri gets so excited whenever I get up to do something in church, it makes it all a little more special that I get to share something that means so much to me with the person that means the most to me.

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  1. I hope you continue to find opportunities to sing! It brought tears to my eyes to hear your beautiful voice again. It's crazy that I still get shocked by your incredible voice when you sing You have such a special gift! Thanks for sharing it with me.